Following are articles you should be reading, considering and thinking about during the course of the semester. The most recent articles are posted at the bottom of this list.

Bob Hansman: Border Crossings

On Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Todd Clear: Imprisoning Communities

Tony Hiss: A Need for Home

Elliot Smith: Popularity is Not an Index of Quality

Casey Blake: The Politics of American Public Art

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva: Racism Without Racists, part 1

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva: Racism Without Racists, part 2

Michelle Nealy on Colorblindness

Ivan Illich: To Hell with Good Intentions

William Upski Wimsatt: Most Feared Neighborhoods + In Defense of Rich Kids

Bob Hansman: Martin Luther King Day Talk

William Upski Wimsatt: Why Are All Your Friends in Prison?

Ada Louise Huxtable: Reappraisal at Pessac / Le Corbusier’s Housing Project – Flexible Enough to Endure

Samuel H. Taylor: Gentrification as Public Health Concern

Daniel Hatch: A Sustainable Process

from Daniel, 6/14/2005

Simon Romero: Medellin’s Nonconformist Mayor Turns Blight to Beauty

bell hooks: Choosing the Margin

bell hooks: The Chitlin Circuit

Ursula LeGuin: The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Jeremy Till: Architecture Depends –– Imperfect Ethics


The three following readings are about education. Read them right away. We will discuss them explicitly at the end of the semester on Monday December 1 and Tuesday December 2, however THESE INITIAL READINGS SHOULD BE CLOSE TO YOUR MINDS THROUGHOUT THE SEMESTER.

David Orr: What is Education For?

William Deresiewicz: The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

Neal Gabler: The Elusive Big Idea


Keeping up with the news in the midst of the Great Migration.

Keeping up with the news in the midst of the Great Migration.